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What does tire balancing entail and how often should I do it?

A wheel hooked up to a machine to measure the balanceTire alignment and balancing is recommended every 5,000 to 6,000 miles for most vehicles. However, drivers who regularly experience hazardous road conditions may need to have their tires aligned and balanced more frequently.

How Tires Get Balanced

Tire balance and tire alignment are often performed together during a tire service. While a tire alignment accounts for the angles of the tires and the suspension system, tire balancing focusing on the weight differences in the tire and wheel.

At O’Leary’s Automotive, our trained auto technicians start the process by mounting the tires on the rims and inflating the tires to the ideal pressure. Once the tires are at their optimal inflation, the technician mounts each one on a special balancing machine. This machine rotates the tire at high speeds to replicate the conditions of travel.

Slight imbalances or uneven weight distributions in the tire and wheel can be detected by the balancing machine. Our technicians identify dynamic imbalances by evaluating them vertically and horizontally. In addition, the balancing machine identifies exactly how much weight should be added to a tire and where the weight should be placed to achieve proper balance.

Once the location and amount of weight to be added are identified, the technician attaches small weights as needed. The technician may use clip-on weights or adhesive weights. The weights are small, streamlined and designed to blend in with the wheel inconspicuously.

Auto Repair Center in Wilmington, NC

If you are experiencing vibrations in your tires or uneven wear patterns, you may be due for a wheel alignment and balance. With four convenient locations, O’Leary’s Automotive Repair has mechanics throughout the greater Wilmington area who will service and repair your car the correct way, the first time. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our services.