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How do I pick the best oil change service shops?

choosing best oil change service shopsWith so many options available, it’s hard to know how to pick the best oil change service shops. We’ve compiled a checklist to help current and prospective customers choose the oil change shop that is right for their needs.

Use this checklist when evaluating the best oil change service shops in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.


Variety of Oil Types Available

There are many motor oil options on the market. Certain vehicles require certain types of oil. Similarly, some motor oils are designed for certain driving conditions. Ask the mechanic at the oil change shop if they offer a variety of motor oil options to meet your needs.

Recommended Oil Type Variety

Does your oil change shop ask questions about your vehicle and driving style? These questions are important because they help identify which oil type is right for your car. Some oil change shops provide only run-of-the-mill options, or worse yet, up-sell you on an expensive motor oil that you don’t need. Make sure that your oil change shop takes time to learn about your vehicle and provides the right oil for it.

Change Oil Filters at Each Service

When evaluating oil change shops, ask the technicians how often they change the oil filter on each vehicle they service. A filter should be changed at each and every oil change.

Clear and Accurate Pricing

Is the pricing for oil changes visible at the shop? Does the pricing on your final bill reflect what was posted? It’s always a good idea to discuss pricing before an oil change and make sure that you use a shop that sticks to its pricing.

Hidden Fees

Sometimes disposal or other hidden fees are tacked on to the final bill. Find a shop that factors these fees into the price they advertise.

Included Services

Take into consideration included services you may receive from an oil change shop. Some shops will vacuum your floorboards or top off your fluids at no charge. These “free” or included services can go a long way in differentiating one oil change shop from the others and show that a company really cares about its customers.

Oil Change Shops Wilmington, NC

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