Factory Maintenance

Car Care with Regular Factory Maintenance

Every vehicle manufacturer provides a schedule of maintenance that should be performed at specific intervals. Service intervals will vary from vehicle to vehicle. By following the recommended factory maintenance schedule for your vehicle, you can ensure it continues to run at its peak performance.

Preventative Car Maintenance

The recommended maintenance schedule for a vehicle is often found in its owner’s manual. In the manual, there should be a schedule of services, including changing the oil, replacing filters and rotating the tires, that your car or truck needs on a regular and ongoing basis.
In addition, the manual will list other services or inspections that occur at greater intervals, such as replacing belts or spark plugs. Brake pad replacement or transmission fluid refills also may be recommended.

By following preventative car care maintenance, you’ll be helping to ensure your car continues to run safely and efficiently. Plus, preventive maintenance reduces the risk of a larger, more serious (and more expensive) problem arising down the road.

Wilmington Car Care Experts

Our local automotive repair experts can help you with any questions you have
regarding routine factory maintenance and preventative car care. We will assist you in determining a proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle if cannot locate one from the manufacturer. Our comprehensive 50-point inspection can provide an accurate assessment of the state of your vehicle. From there, our experienced car care technicians can develop a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Once we have a schedule in place, we take the worry off your plate. We can set up reminders so that you know when your next service is due. This is our commitment to keep you and other travelers safe on the road. Please visit or call us at one of our locations to schedule an appointment with one of our Wilmington car care experts.