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What happens if I do not do an annual vehicle inspection?

Not all states require an annual vehicle inspection. However, North Carolina is one of the states that does require all vehicles to pass an inspection every 12 months. If you do not complete your inspection you open yourself and your vehicle up to a number of consequences…none of which are good.

In North Carolina, vehicle inspections must be completed each year and within 90 days of the expiration date of the vehicle’s license plate tag and registration. Without having your vehicle inspection documented annually, you are unable to renew your registration and tags.

Driving a vehicle with expired registration and tags can result in a loss or suspension of your drivers license in the state of North Carolina. The department now uses an electronic inspection system. The auto mechanic who completes the inspection enters the inspection results into the DMV’s vehicle registration database. This database is what the DMV and law enforcement officers use to look up information about your vehicle. By having your vehicle inspected annually you can ensure peace of mind when driving the roadways or during a routine traffic stop.

In addition to legal consequences, there are potential risks for your vehicle too. An annual vehicle inspection ensures that your car or truck is in good running order. They can help get ahead of any systems or components that are in need of repair or replacement. In essence, an annual vehicle inspection improves the safety of yourself, your passengers and other motorists on the roads.

Lastly, inspections are also a way that vehicle emissions are properly controlled. Air pollution is a major problem for the environment. Rampant vehicle emissions could cause even more air pollution, an increase in greenhouse gases, and additional damage to the ozone layer. By having an annual inspection you’re doing your part to help limit air pollutants.

Annual Inspections by Knowledgeable & Affordable Mechanics

O’Leary’s Automotive Repair offers multiple certified inspection centers and affordable services by mechanics who can complete your inspection quickly and efficiently. Once your annual inspection has been completed, you’ll have to pay a small fee to the certified inspection station. Assuming everything with your vehicle is in compliance, the mechanic will input your inspection information into the DMV database. You’ll then be able to renew your registration and tags on time. If there are any issues that cause your vehicle not to pass inspection, the mechanics at any of our locations are able to provide an estimate to get your vehicle into compliance. With four convenient locations, O’Leary’s has mechanics throughout the greater Wilmington area.