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Why do I need to rotate my tires?

Auto Service Wilmington NCTire rotation should be a part of your regular vehicle maintenance schedule. Generally we recommend rotating a vehicle’s tires at each oil change. Even if your tires don’t show wear, here are some reasons why you should rotate your tires regularly:

  • Evens out wear patterns – Wear patterns are made over time. They occur when the tire and driving surface meet, causing friction and pressure on the tire. An untrained eye may not see them. But wear patterns are forming each time a vehicle is operated. Cars with front-wheel drive will see more wear on the two front tires. But driving conditions, like weather, speed and road terrain, also affect tire wear. Regularly carrying heavy loads or taking turns at high speeds also creates wear on tires. Regular tire rotation can help even out the wear so that each tire is used in the front and back of the vehicle. Keep in mind that tire rotation is not going to fix wear patterns caused by issues related to tire inflation or mechanical problems. A trained mechanic can help identify if your tire wear patterns indicate a larger problem.
  • Prolongs life of tires – Measuring the tread depth is a good indication of a tire’s life expectancy. Ideally you want the tread depth to wear down at the same rate around a tire’s circumference. But due to driving conditions, driving styles and the mechanics of vehicle design, each tire on a vehicle wears down at a different rate. Regular tire rotation during an auto service can help equalize wear and maximize the life of a tire.
  • Reduces noise and vibration – By now you understand that tires wear unevenly, and tire rotation helps combat uneven wear. But uneven wear also creates increased noise and vibrations as you drive. Some vibration is normal when a vehicle is moving. But if tires aren’t rotated, uneven tire wear can create vibrations you can feel through the steering wheel and seat. You may also notice noise coming from one or more of your tires. An increase in noise and vibrations also can be signs of other issues. That why it’s a good idea to ask a trained mechanic to identify the root cause of any unusual vehicle noise or vibration.
  • Improves safety and gas efficiency – Neglecting to rotate your tires can cause issues with a vehicle’s operation. Uneven wear on tires leads to poor handling and reduced traction, both of which force the engine to work harder. Regular tire rotation can help provide a safer ride for a vehicle’s occupants and improve fuel economy.

Tire Rotation Auto Service Wilmington NC

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