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How can I make my brakes last longer and avoid frequent brake repair?

brake repair wilmington ncNew brakes can be short-lived or you can get use out of them for some time. It all depends on you, the driver of the vehicle. How you operate the vehicle and navigate traffic conditions has a huge impact on the life span of your brakes. Follow these tips to make your brakes last longer:

Limit stops from high speeds.

Any time you come to a stop, your brakes are put under pressure that slowly wears them away. But when you travel at high speeds, it takes more force to stop. That force comes from the car’s braking system. The brake pads take the brunt of this friction. Stopping at higher speeds causes them to wear down more quickly.

Practice coasting.

Coasting is when you let the force of the vehicle’s acceleration or slope of the road keep the car moving at a constant or target speed. When you coast you don’t actively accelerate by pressing down on the gas pedal. When you coast, the vehicle will eventually start to slow down and you’ll have to push the gas pedal to stay at the speed limit. This practice limits the need for braking and helps conserve those precious brake pads. However, be mindful that coasting in neutral can be dangerous. It also wastes more fuel. When you coast, you want to stay in your current gear as long as possible.

Be mindful of traffic stops ahead.

We all learn in driving school to be aware of our surroundings while driving. Part of defensive driving is to keep an eye on what’s on the road ahead so you’ll have ample time to react. Defensive driving also helps conserve your brakes. When you have time to react to stops ahead, you can slowly press on the brakes instead of making sudden stops.

Be extra cautious in areas where motorists brake suddenly or frequently.

If you live in the city or in a high traffic area you may encounter congested traffic areas on a regular basis. You should be extra careful and proactive in areas where motorists brake suddenly or frequently. This will help reduce the amount of hard braking you do and make your brakes last longer.

Avoid hauling or carrying extra weight.

Pulling a trailer or carrying a heavy load requires more energy and effort from the engine, transmission and other systems. Similarly, coming to a stop requires more power and effort from the brakes.

Quality counts! Don’t cheap out on your next brake repair.

Not all brakes are created equal. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies for brake repair, too. The difference in the cost of a brake job is often in the quality of materials used and their design. Like other car parts, there are economy, standard and premium brakes. Lower-cost brakes are usually not as durable and tend to wear down faster than quality brakes (even if you are practicing these tips).

Brake Repair Wilmington, NC

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